Emic: Insider’s perspective

Emic: Insider's perspective

I am a part of an exclusive group/program called Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark (F.E.D.), which has the vision to equip professionals of various fields, all aspiring entrepreneurs, with the network, resources, trainings that we need in order to produce a service/product that will benefit a community. By the end of this three-month program/training, we will have already worked with other professionals (we are all in a team of 6), networked with already established companies and know what it takes to be an entrepreneur in Denmark. The great thing about F.E.D. is that we are divided into teams prior to meeting one another. The selection team placed each individual in a group where they can best succeed. An engineer, programmer, psychologist/humanities, business person, etc. So, all we really need is to brainstorm an idea. Of course there are more things that are necessary, but with our team, we would have what we need to make an idea come to life. More on my experience working with my team later…

Our team’s first time to pitch our first idea1973474_287579201397275_1210212225_o (1)

Bettina and I during our dinner break10003655_295355810619614_1178933834_o

This was my first time to sit down with my team (group 6); brainstorm1980239_287579974730531_882719997_o (1)


Copenhagen: Bipolar Weather

Berkeley has got no competition with Copenhagen for bipolar weather.

Why am I bringing this up? It’s just that the weather here in Copenhagen has been acting up… I’ve never experienced anything like this before!

In the morning, the sun is shining ever so brightly, but then the other half of the day– it starts to hail out of no where.

I thought Berkeley, CA weather has bipolar weather, but goodness, it is nothing compared to Copenhagen weather.
Sunny –> Cloudy –> Hail –> Sunny (ALL IN ONE DAY)

Signing off–