A Blogger’s Dilemma: Disclosure & Truth


Relativity of Truth.

My travel blogs stay in my draft folder on WordPress… waiting to be disclosed to a wider audience. A wider audience who, I think, may benefit from my experiences. Benefit meaning either stir inspiration, motivation, or even just encourage more thought into how everyone’s interpretation of the world is so, so different. Why does it matter to me to even write for a broader audience? I want to touch the lives of others. I want my life to be of service. This is one way I can be of service: to share my story.

I am stuck in a blogger’s dilemma: Disclosure & Truth
How much of my life should I disclose? As much as you want.
Is sharing only the good parts of my life, lying? It’s deceptive, yes.
Why do I long to share my writings but end up saving them in my draft folder? This is the dilemma.

For me, I either go all in, or all out.
There is no middle ground for me.
This is highly evident in all of my work and life.
I will say no more than that.

I’ve been hiding my writings for too long.
But, if I start posting again, then I will be revealing way too much of myself to the world.
How do I overcome this obstacle?
I will not assume how others will answer. To assume things of this world have made me lose friendships and trust.

Do bloggers even have this dilemma, or do some inherently have the talent of knowing how to balance the content of their blogs?



3 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Dilemma: Disclosure & Truth”

      1. I hear you on that but to be fare you’d be surprise how many people would appreciate that look into your life so long as it isn’t a cry and complain fest. Well complaining could be left for reviews but any who you get my point ^_^

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