2nd Chance to be NEW again

I had a unique opportunity to fly out back to Berkeley for 4 days to attend my graduation ceremony a month before my 6-month exchange in Copenhagen ends.


But, this blog post isn’t about my trip back home. This is about what kinds of thoughts, feelings and experiences I had before I left Copenhagen to go back to my home country. It’s also about what happened after I got back from Copenhagen from my home country. This is about the 2nd chance I got to be back in Copenhagen after gone home.

I didn’t feel any different before leaving Copenhagen. I just couldn’t believe that I was going back home just for 4 days and coming back for finals. I couldn’t believe it because I was SOMEHOW able to afford flying back and forth and I was SOMEHOW able to find the time to make the trip happen. Praise the Lord. Seriously. I keep saying “I” but I really couldn’t have done it with help from family, life mentors and friends. I had a paper due on the day I left so I was just focused on finishing that and packing to leave.
I was a bit delirious because I had to leave my flat at 4am. It was odd to say goodbye to my flatmate, whom I had confided with for the last 5 months… when I come back from the states, she will have already moved out.

Flying back to San Francisco:
When I was flying out to San Francisco, I couldn’t help but feel so happy. I was feeling a physical high. I couldn’t stop smiling despite having a 7am international flight, which means that I had to leave my apt latest 4:30am. I felt so happy that I befriended those sitting next to me on the 11 hour flight. Yes, I usually don’t befriend those I sit next to on the plane mostly because I don’t want to invade their privacy and… well because I’m exhausted from transferring flights.

We don’t know how we were able to get the business seats, but we enjoyed our freebies including these eye masks(?), socks and tooth brushes. *I recommend flying with Virgin Atlantic!

After my trip back home, I arrived at the Copenhagen Airport and felt so… at home. I was so excited to have my own space, to ride my bike again and to write again. I was just so psyched and motivated. It was around 10pm, but it was still bright outside and… Copenhagen seemed a little bit different. It felt different. I intently admired the cyclists on Orestad Blvd. I was on my way back to my flat on the metro… I felt so in trance with the orange skies, cyclists, perfect lines on the road, voices and murmurs in Danish… I was back home. 🙂 I couldn’t stop smiling. I got off the metro at the 2nd to last stop… and repeated “oh my gosh, I’m back in Copenhagen. I’m back, I’m back. Oh my gosh” maybe around 5 times. I saw the mall, Fields and my smile started to hurt my cracked lips. I thought to myself Fields… I’m definitely back in Copenhagen. When I arrived in my flat, I unlocked my door and turned on my lamp… thank goodness. It was my bed with clean sheets. There was my desk– all cleared up. There were my black and white striped slippers. Then I quickly unloaded my shoulders and went to the bathroom.. things have changed. Emily’s shampoo and conditioner was no longer on the shower stall floor, it was on the shelf. Her towel was gone. Her toothbrush was gone. I didn’t realize the fact that I actually won’t see Emily anymore.. for a long time. She was also an exchange student, but her program ended on the weekend that I was back in California.
Now, I am solidifying my goals here.
I am solidifying…. everything.

2nd Chance:
I was given a 2nd chance to embrace the blessing I had/have to be abroad as an exchange student.
This means being able to experience the new once again.
This means realizing that my residence permit is really ending in a couple weeks.
This means that I have a 2nd chance to make the MOST out of my stay abroad.
This means that I have a 2nd chance to POST MORE BLOGS, PHOTOS, VLOGS of my experiences.

After living in a foreign country for 5 months, life starts to get dull. By dull I mean that days become more routine, comfortable and familiar. It was a nice wake up call for my mind and body.

Now, I am trying my best not to reject any opportunities to spend time with friends that I’ve made here. I’ve already had three picnics with classmates and friends. 🙂 Image

Picnic w/ classmates at King’s Garden near Center of Social Science campus: last day of anthro methods lecture with Mads


Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerod (9 zones away from my apt! = 10 clips)
Expensive to enter, but it is totally worth the money and time to get there. I love the danish designs in this museum/castle.
We got to witness multiple weddings here.


Islands Brygge Sunday flea market: Our plan was not to actually buy anything at the flea market, but we couldn’t help but pick up some danish family goodies 🙂

All in all, I’m enjoying my 2nd chance. And, thank you… God for allowing me to have this experience. Thank you.

I will also do my best to document my experience as much as I can for the next few weeks in Denmark!!



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